See BExTest in action!

This screencast shows how to run a query with BEx analyzer and how to enter the connection settings

Scenario: Load testing with BExTest

This screencast shows how to set up BExTest so that multiple queries can be run in parallel using different SAP user accounts

Scenario: BExTest with SAP Analysis for Office

This screencast shows how BExTest uses Analysis for Office

Troubleshooting the direct Excel mode

Please ensure that you entered the complete workbook file name in column 'Workbook'.

When creating the workbooks in BEx Analyzer, set the option "Start BEx Analyzer when MS Excel starts" in "Global Settings"

Licensing and license installation

The licensing of the Pro version is based on your windows user name. After purchase, you will receive a file "bextest.license". Please copy this file to your program directory (where the BExTest.Main.exe exists).

Command line version

The Pro version contains a command line version of BExTest. This enables you to run BExTest as a planned task or to integrate BExTest in a workflow.

Start the program "BExTest.Cmd.exe" with the filename of a saved configuration (xml-file) to run the tests. After a test run, the test results are saved in the save configuration file and can be viewed in the normal BExTest program.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer with dotNet Framework 4.0 or higher installed
  • No SAP GUI or BEx Analyzer on test computer necessary for test execution by webservice calls
  • SAP BW 3.5 or 7
  • SAP SOAP Webservice QUERY_VIEW_DATA activated for webservice method (see below)

Supported webservice authentication

Currently, only HTTP basic authentication is supported - either via plain http or https/TLS

Where to define the reference files

Result files are stored in the specified directory with the file name pattern WORKBOOK_INFOPROVIDER_QUERY_TIMESTAMP_CONNECTION.xml. To define such a result file as reference file for further tests, change its name according to the new pattern WORKBOOK_INFOPROVIDER_QUERY_reference.xml.

Variable parameter values

The following parameter values will be automatically substituted:
#TODAY# -> e.g. 30012015
#YESTERDAY# -> e.g. 29012015

How to test you first queries Short introduction


The downloadable file BExTestInstaller.exe installs the evaluation version of BExTest and creates an icon on your desktop to start the program.

Connection data definition

After starting the program, click on the menu entry New to create a new configuration set. Configuration sets can be saved as XML files with the Save menu entry.

Then choose the Test method and the Test type. Test method determines if you want to run your queries using the SAP webservice or if you want to use the BEx Analyzer program to run the queries. Test type determines if you want to run the tests against two environments (DifferentConnections) or compared a single test run against previously stored results (ReferenceFile).

The setting Result directory determines a directory on your computer where BExTests stores the query results in XML files.

The panel First connection (and Second connection if you choose the test type DifferentConnections) contains the SAP connection data. User and password are needed in both test methods.
For webservice access you only need the URL for the SAP webservice QUERY_VIEW_DATA.
To log in using BEX analyzer, fill in the data in the Excel group.

Activating SAP SOAP Webservice QUERY_VIEW_DATA

If you want to use the SOAP Webservice to query the BW system (and not using your local Excel BEX Analyzer), SAP BW need to provide the webservice. Information about activating this webservice can be found at this link. Please choose the HTTP basic authentication (either via plain http or https/TLS) when configuring the webservice.

Query definition the SAP BW Web Service

The right window panel Queries containes the query definition grid.

You can define multiple queries by using multiple data rows in the grid. Fill in the relevant data depending on your chosen test method.
Use the technical names for Query, Infoprovider and View. The view information is optional.
Use the column Workbook to define the directory and filename of a previously locally saved Excel file which was created using the BEx Analyzer.

Test start

The menu entry Run test starts the tests. The program will return after test completion and the test verdict is shown in the lower right panel.

Query results

Detailed query results can be inspected in the query definition grid. Click on the + icon at the row start and go to the detail grid Results. Use the button Results to view the detailed query result data.

Log and error information

In case of program or test errors, detailed log data can be found in the log file which can be found using the menu entry Log file. Please attach the corresponding file if you file an error report or support request.