What is BExTest?

BExTest is a tool to automate the testing process of SAP BW queries.

The automation is done by defining a set of queries with corresponding filter settings.

In a test run, these queries are automatically retrieved from your SAP system via SOAP webservice call. The resulting data are then compared to give you a verdict - either Passed, Failed or Error.

By ensuring that the query results are unchanged, you also get a verdict about your data staging processes filling the data providers.

Comprehensive test reports

Test reports can be exported to MS Excel, PDF and a range of other formats

A test report contains information about the test run, verdicts and performance information.

An example report can be downloaded here

Different test methods

Webservice The query results are retrieved by using SAP webservice QUERY_VIEW_DATA calls. No BEx Analyzer or SAP GUI is needed on your system.

BEx Analyzer BEx analyzer is remotely controlled by BExTest to query the SAP backend by using predefined Excel workbooks. No SAP webservice is needed.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office The Anylysis for Office plugin is controlled by the BExTest program to query the SAP backend by using predefined Excel workbooks.

Different test modes

DifferentConnections The queries are executed in different backends, e.g. in your integration and production environment and the results are compared.

ReferenceFile The queries are executed and then compared to a previously stored set of reference data files.

QueryOnly Only the queries are executed, this mode can be used e.g. for filling the SAP query caches.

Command line test runner

The full version contains a command line client which enables you to run the queries unattended. This enables the integration of BExTest in automated integration test programs or enables you to run the queries in a planned task.

Upcoming features

Filter settings for data retrieved directly from BEx Analyzer

Comprehensive test reports as PDF and/or Excel files

Notifications of failed tests via Email

...and many more. Please tell us you requirements!