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What is BExTest?

BExTest is a tool to automate the testing process of SAP BW queries.

The automation is done by defining a set of queries with corresponding filter settings.

In a test run, these queries are automatically retrieved from your SAP system via SOAP webservice call or by retrieving the results from BEx Analyzer or SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office. The resulting data are then compared to give you a verdict - either Passed, Failed or Error.

By ensuring that the query results are unchanged, you also get a verdict about your data staging processes filling the data providers.

Typical use cases

Typical use cases for this product are:

A SAP system upgrade or new support package is installed and you want to ensure that your queries are still working and give the same results - without manual testing of every single query.

After transport of changes to your production environment, are there any unwanted side effects that affect your BEx Analyzer workbooks or queries?

When to use BExTest?

If you have more than 10 important queries in your SAP system and you want to guarantee the smooth operation of these queries during system changes or updates

If you want to shorten your manual test process after system updates or changes.

If you want to get objective performance data for a defined set of queries to measure the service quality of your SAP backend.

If you want to document your quality assurance processes and test results.

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